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Medication Management

Medication Management

Medication Management

Our Restoration Health and Wellness philosophy is based on our belief in holistic care. Each client’s treatment plan focuses on the body, mind, spirit, community, relationships, etc. We believe that medications should only be used when there is evidence to support them, and that they should be used in conjunction with other approaches such as psychotherapy.

Choosing an appropriate drug therapy is the first place to start when managing your medication needs. Our clinicians have the training and experience needed to determine what may work best for you, depending on your medical history, existing conditions, overall health, and other factors, including your preference.

After completing a detailed evaluation, we partnered to determine a treatment regimen is aimed at restoring your health as naturally and efficiently as possible; each medication’s recommendation is chosen carefully. We look for those that will relieve your symptoms with the least undesirable side effects or disruptions to other areas of your life. We do not over-medicate – and we stress the importance of drug compliance and working as a team.

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